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Funding Open Pollinated Seeds

Thank you for visiting our Funding Page.  As you know having funds and not having funds
makes a big difference to a project.  When you don’t have funds you are very limite d as to what you can do.  When you have funds you can take on staff, print things, make a promotional video, organise events, whatever needs doing to take the next steps for your project.

So we are most grateful to our sponsors and supporters who have helped us and continue to support us take the next steps for open pollinated seeds.

We need funds for:

*Publicity Material (printing cards, logos, posters)

*Public Education (organising talks, workshops, stalls at events)

*Travel to seminars, gatherings, events

*Create and Promote Events

(seed-swaps, seed-saving workshops)

*Salary for staff

(office work, admin, research, IT building)

*Developing Seed Banks

To help us, please consider:

*make regular payment £5/month by standing order

*make gift money

*a royalty from the sale of your book or CD

*a percentage from the sale of your art-work

*include us in your legacy

*any other way you can think of!

In addition to funds we need the following:

*an upgrade of our IT system

*IT assistance

*research assistance

Our Sponsors:


Our heartfelt thanks to the generosity of the authors who are contributing a revenue from the sale of their books to the OP Seeds.

We would like to acknowledge:

*Inger Lise Oelrich, and her wonder-story book GYLLENE FÅGEL

(the Golden Bird) published in

*Mary Bartlett, and her story of Unicorn Island

*Hannah —–, for her contribution in the book Wild n Free, published by


Radish seed crop

Radish seed crop

Bank Account Details

You can transfer money to:

Triodos Bank

Open Pollinated Seeds

Sort Code: 16-58-10

Account Number: 20431333

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