Seed saving course. December 1st 2023, 9.30 – 16.30 in Devon

Seed saving course with Peter Brinch on December 1st 2023 from 9.30 – 16.30 to take place in Devon. The venue is Vital Seeds Ltd, Baddaford Farm, Ashburton, Devon, TQ13 7NF. Fee for the day is £ 90. For booking please contact


9: 30 Introduction.

Our food crops and where they come from.

Why we want to save seeds, The back ground from open pollinated seeds to GM crops.

The reproductional characteristics of our food crops.

Dioecious, monoecious and perfect flower plants. Plant pollination.

Self and cross pollinating crop species.

11:00 Coffee

11.25 Minimum number of plants, isolation distances

crop selection. Positive (elite plants) and negative selection. Rouging.

Seed saving, annuals and biennials, stage 1 the production of crops and 2 the reproduction of


13:00 lunch

14:00 Seed saving continued

15:00 harvesting, drying, threshing, cleaning, storing and testing of seeds. Example of carrot seed cleaning.


What can we find in the garden to seed save now?

The seed saving network.

16:30 further questions and closure.